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A regional platform of small farmers and fishers’ organizations, women’s movements, consumer groups, indigenous communities, and CSOs advocating for food sovereignty and climate justice as framework for agriculture, food policy-making, and development programs.

The Asia Pacific Network on Food Sovereignty (APNFS) is a regional network of social movements; national organization of smallholder farmers, artisanal fishers, indigenous and forest people, and rural women; consumer groups; and NGOs, operating within the Asia-Pacific region. It was established to address the worsening impacts of increasing trade liberalization and worsening climate change on agriculture and food insecurity. Hence, it focuses on promoting food sovereignty as a framework for agriculture policy-making.

APNFS promotes and asserts the people`s basic right to adequate, nutritious and safe food along with their right to sustainable livelihood. It advocates for the realization of the people`s aspirations for economic justice and democratization by actively resisting trade liberalization in food and agriculture. Thus, it strongly rejects the WTO-espoused neo-liberal agriculture and trade policies and the export-orientated agriculture model imposed upon developing countries.

APNFS demands the rights and control of poor peasants, artisanal fishers, indigenous and forest people and rural women to land, water, forest, and other resources [including genetic resources] that will provide them sustainable livelihoods. APNFS also promotes the merits of sustainable development initiatives on the ground, specifically the experiences of NGOs and peoples` organizations [POs] in promoting sustainable farming technologies as well as agro-ecological models of food production and community-based practices in natural resource conservation and management.

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